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Inflation/ Interest Rate Correlation

Inflation/ Interest Rate Correlation   Fed Rates impact interest rates, but inflation matters more than Fed Rates.  Inflation and interest rates are two of the most important variables that can affect the economy. The correlation between them is an important factor for investors, governments, and financial institutions in making decisions about their investments.   Understanding the relationship […]

What does Inflation Mean for a Homeowner? 

What does Inflation Mean for a Homeowner?     For a homeowner, understanding inflation can help you make the best decisions on when to buy or sell a home.  Inflation is measured by different economic indicators such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Generally speaking, inflation refers to an increase in the prices of goods and […]

Should I Buy a House Now?

Does it Make Sense to Buy a House During an Economic Inflation?    Yes-   If you and your family are in the market to buy a home because you have the stable income to qualify for and afford the payment, then it might be a suitable time for you. Typically, buyers intend to stay in […]