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Funding and Lending Financial Real Estate Investme...

Common Real Estate Industry Investment Terms Alternative Finance Alternative financing refers to a particular type of financial service, (that is lending to people with relatively poor credit) by non-bank financial institutions. Alternative financing allows smaller businesses and people with low credit to finance projects as traditional banks will most likely not approve their loans. Peer […]

Building Generational Wealth

Generational wealth is a term used to describe the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. Real estate is one of the most reliable and proven ways to build and maintain generational wealth. Real estate has consistently proven to be one of the best investments over time, with the potential to generate significant […]

Cannabis Financing- Unlocking the Potential of the...

Cannabis Financing : Unlocking the Potential of the Emerging Market     The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. With more countries and states legalizing marijuana, the market is estimated to reach over $146 billion by 2025, according to Arcview Market Research. Despite this growth, accessing capital to finance businesses in […]

Should I Buy a House Now?

Does it Make Sense to Buy a House During an Economic Inflation?    Yes-   If you and your family are in the market to buy a home because you have the stable income to qualify for and afford the payment, then it might be a suitable time for you. Typically, buyers intend to stay in […]